Having certifications in the IT industry can easily get you the job of your dreams in 2014. This is the age of digitalization and modernization and students who obtain their certifications today can have a very envying future. Get your certifications to boost your career.

We are quickly moving towards the age of digitalization and future technology also known as artificial intelligence. The world of IT is deeply engrossed in creating systems that will be completely automatic and will eliminate all chances of mistakes. The year 2014 holds great significance in shaping the future and the amount of increase in the IT has never been great than in this year. A plethora of colleges and universities have opened their doors for the students who aspire to be future IT experts. If you are passionate about IT and wish to make it a career then below are some certifications which will be great in helping you shape your future for the modern IT world.

The top 5 certifications for the year

1)   Cloud IT certifications

The cloud technology is relatively new and it has already created waves of euphoria among the people. With the cloud at hand, everything has become too modernized and data has become accessible all over the planet. The cloud technology industry is expanding rapidly and there aren’t enough professionals to fill in the positions. This industry holds great scope for the people who can handle the requirements of the cloud technology. Having certifications relevant to this industry will quickly get you a reputable position in a company. Here are the top two certifications to go for:

  • CompTia CLO-001
  • MCSE – Private Cloud Certification 70-247

2)   Mobility certifications

Technology is not just limited to the PCs any more. Today we have all kinds of mobile devices and we can use them fervently on the go. We have the Smartphones which apart from connecting calls also keep us connected to the internet. If a Smartphone isn’t smart enough for you, then you can use the tablet which is also easily available. The tablet is one advanced product to use in mobility and its use has increased to such an extent that it has forced the websites to change their appearance so they can easily be accessible on the mobile devices. The mobility field in the IT industry is quickly undergoing many changes and there are many positions open for the candidates who can make it grow and perform better. If you love the mobile devices why not work with them? Here are the top certifications which will give an entry in the mobility IT industry with a bang.

  • CCNP 642-747
  • CompTia Mobility + MB0-001

3)   Big data certifications

Data has become equally important as money. The companies need their data for many purposes, it helps in planning future strategies, conduct audits, find flaws in the past strategies and a lot of other activities. Huge data centers are being created where data can be stored for centuries and the task of maintaining and managing huge data is increasing rapidly. Why do you think companies are keen to have in-house servers which cost thousands of dollars? Employers are always looking for experts who can help manage their data effectively and if you think you can handle the challenges, then here are the certifications which can make you the most successful candidate.

  • HP Vertica HP2-N36
  • Oracle Business Intelligence 1Z0-591

4)   Virtualization certifications

The people on this planet love the virtual world. It is one place where everything is possible which seems impossible in the real world. Now you can be a part of the virtual world’s creators by completing these certifications.

  • CCE-AD 1Y0-400

5)   Wireless networking certifications

There’s no doubt the world is going wireless quickly because it provides mobility and clears the clutter of wires going all over the place like an unkempt web. Networking passionate students and professionals need these certifications to get a more challenging job in the industry.

  • CWTS PW0-071
  • CCNP 642-737 IAUWS