Obtaining MySQL certifications is a good idea for IT professionals who want to find a better job in the IT industry. There are several certifications offered by MySQL that can help in improving the profile and eventually the career. If you are interested to take the certification exam, you can visit the official website of Pearson VUE so that you will know the requirements, the cost and other details of the examination.

Obtaining this type of certification will give professional recognition. However, it is not enough just to have the certification but you should ensure being proficient in performing the job. That is why you should ensure that all the theories and hands on experience should be instilled in mind. In this way, you will not only know the theory but also on how to carry out the job.

As mentioned above, there are several specializations of MySQL certifications and it is necessary to choose the right specialization suitable to your knowledge and skills. People who are new to database server should take the entry level certification that is the Certified MySQL Associate certification. It covers the fundamental concepts of database management system and basic SQL.

Another MySQL certification is the Certified MySQL Developer or CMDEV. This is given to candidates who want to obtain jobs in developing applications by using the MySQL as back end storage. However, the candidate should pass the series of two examinations before the certification is awarded. The candidate may choose to take either of the two exams first since each exam covers different material.

On the other hand, the CMDBA or Certified MySQL Database Administrator is given to database administrators whose works are involved in planning, tuning and optimizing data layout for more than one server. It also covers two separate examinations that the candidate should pass. In addition, the Certified MySQL Cluster Database Administrator requires obtaining the CMDBA certification before applying for this certification.

Choosing specific specialization in taking the MySQL certification is very important. However, as much as possible you should obtain all the certifications as it is for your own good. In this sense, you should be prepared to achieve each level of certification so that you can ensure passing the examination. Although it is expensive to prepare for it but all the expenses pay off once you obtain the certification. It will not only give professional recognition but also helps in finding better position and higher salary.