Splunk Inc. is an American multinational and prestigious corporation in the IT world. This well-known brand offers software for searching, analyzing data, monitoring with the help of a custom-designed web-style interface. Splunk software is capable to capture, index, and correlate real-time data and then presents this valuable information into alerts, graphs, reports, dashboards, and visualizations. The main purpose of Splunk applications to make machine data accessible across an enterprise. The whole process is identified with the help of data patterns, matrix, and then provides intelligence for business operations. Splunk software and applications and technology can be used for security, compliance, application management as well as business analytics. To work Splunk applications, technologies, and platforms Splunk offers the different types of certifications. These professional certifications are used to verify the skills and knowledge that are required to work on Splunk software.

Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam

What is Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam?

Today, we talk about the one of the most demanding Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam that offers career-oriented jobs for Splunk professionals or administrators. This exam demonstrates an individual able to support day to day administration of enterprise and health enterprise environment. A Splunk enterprise certified admin has the ability to design and manages various components of Splunk Enterprise in a daily basis. How to indexes, search heads, configuration, monitoring, and getting enterprise data into Splunk? Describe in detail.

One more thing all candidates seeking Splunk Certified developer or Splunk Enterprise Certified Architect must the exam of Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam, it as a prerequisite certification.

Exam Code SPLK-1003
Exam Name Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin
Exam Questions 63 Questions
Exam Question formats Multiple Choice
Exam Time 57 Minutes

What are the Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam Topics?

The Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin course focuses on administrators who configure and manage a Splunk Enterprise environment. The following topics are just general guidelines that are likely to be part of the exam.

  1. Splunk Admin Basics – The first topic of the Splunk certified exam offers some basic overview of the Splunk components. Describe in detail.
  2. License Management –What is the meaning of license management and different types of license management. Understand the different license violations.
  3. Splunk Configuration files – Explain the different Splunk configuration directory structure. What are the different layers of configuration? Get knowledge about the configuration precedence. How to use b-tool to analyze the personalized configuration settings.
  4. Splunk Indexes – The Splunk indexes deal with the index structure. What are the different index structures and types of index buckets? Check the index data integrity. Describe the indexes’ conf options. Applications of the data retention policy.
  5. Splunk User Management – what are the roles of user n Splunk. How to create a personalized role and the addition of different Splunk users.
  6. Splunk Authentication Management – In this chapter, you will learn to integrate Splunk with LDAP. Make a list of other user authentication options. Explain the steps to enable multi-factor authentications in Splunk environment.
  7. Getting data In – The getting data on the topic of Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam provides the basic settings for an input. Make a list of Splunk forwarder types. How to configure and forwarder? Add an input to UF using CLI.
  8. Distributed Search – How to use distributed search works. What are the roles of the search peers and head? Explain the configure a distributed search group. What are the different search ad scaling options?
  9. Getting Data In – Staging – In this topic of Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin, you will learn about the three phases of the process that work in the Splunk Indexing. What are the different input options that can be utilized for Splunk indexing?
  10. Configuring forwarders – What is the configure forwarder and how to identify additional forwarder options. Explain in detail.

Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam

The other topics of Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin exam included forwarder management, monitor inputs, network, and scripted inputs, agentless inputs, fine-tuning inputs, parsing phase and data, and manipulating raw data. As far as the Splunk certification cost is concerned, it is a long term investment, not heavy expenditure. This certification cost is entirely affordable for everyone.

Tips to get success in the Splunk SPLK-1003 Exam?

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