Google is a big name in the IT world. It is an American multinational technology company that offers internet-related products and services. These interrelated offerings include online advertising, search engine, software, hardware, and cloud computing. It is considered one of the big four technology companies alongside Facebook, Amazon, and Apple. Google needs software designers, developers, engineers provide support and services for their products. To fulfill this aim Google introduced a professional certification program. These certification exams are designed in different categories such as associate, professional and g-suite certifications. All these certifications are used to validate the knowledge, skills, and experience of professionals so that they can work on google products independently.

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Introduction

Today, we will talk about one of the most challenging and highly demanding Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer examThis google cloud exam is designed to verify the skills, knowledge, and experience of google cloud network engineers. A google cloud network engineer is a certified professional that is authorized to design, implement, and manage the network architectures in the Google Cloud Platform.

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

To enroll in the final professional cloud network engineer, it is preferred to have the following capabilities, but it is not a prerequisite to enroll in the Professional Cloud Network Engineer.

  1. You should have at least one year of experience working on Google Cloud Platform in any local and multinational enterprise.
  2. You have been a part of the networking cloud architect team who has been involved in the infrastructure design.
  3. You should have considerable experience in the implementation of network services, hybrid connectivity, VPCs, and the security of the network architectures.
  4. You should have the ability to ensure the successful designing and implementation of cloud applications using GCP console.
Exam Name Google Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Exam
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multiple Select
Exam Prerequisite None
Exam Language English
Exam duration 2 Hours
Exam Registration $200


What are Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Topics?

To get success in the Google Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Exam is not an easy task. You have to struggle hard and put extra effort to pass this challenging google cloud exam. For the best preparation and to develop the confidence to pass this exam, you have to prepare yourself with the help of different exam preparation books, training, coaching classes, and real-time cloud certification exam dumps. Before getting starts you first need to get knowledge about the topics of the Google Cloud Certified exam.

  1. Designing, planning, and prototyping a GCP network – In the first topic of the Google Professional-Cloud-Network-Engineer Exam, you will get knowledge and develop skills to design, plan, and prototyping a GCP network. How to design the overall network architecture, virtual private cloud, hybrid network, and container IP addressing plan for the Google Kubernetes Engine. Describe in detail.
  2. Implementing a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) – The second topic of Google Cloud Certified Certification Exam deals with implementing a GCP virtual private cloud. How to configure the VPCs, routing, maintaining google Kubernetes engine clusters and managing firewall rules etc.
  3. Configuring network services – The third topic of google cloud network engineer deals with the configuration of different network services. How to configure load balancing, cloud CDN, maintaining cloud DNS, and other related network services. Discuss it in detail.
  4. Implementing hybrid interconnectivity – The fourth section of the google cloud platform exam deals with the implementation of hybrid interconnectivity. How to configure interconnect, site to site IPsec VPN, route-based, policy-based, dynamic or static routing, and finally the configuration of cloud router reliability.
  5. Implementing network security – The fifth topic of the google cloud network engineer exam provides detailed information about network security. How to implement network security? What the configuration required for network security? How to configure the assess management IAM, cloud armor policies, and third-party device insertion into VPC. Explain the keys that are needed to manage SSH access.
  6. Managing and monitoring network operations – The 6th topic of the google cloud platform exam provides detailed information about network operations. How to manage and monitor the different activities of network operations? Explain logging and monitoring with GCP consoles or stack drivers. How to managing and maintaining security and troubleshoot connectivity issues? The monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting of the different traffic flow and latency, describe in detail.
  7. Optimizing network resources – How to optimize the network resources, traffic flow, efficiency, and optimizing for cost. Explain the load balancer and CDN location, global, and region dynamic routing. How to expand subnet CIDR ranges in services and increase the accommodating workload. Describe in detail.

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam


How you can get success in Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam?

To start and promote a Professional Cloud Network Engineer career is not possible without passing a google certified cloud exam. This exam is available now or maybe it will be available for a limited time period. So if you are Google Cloud Network Engineer and have some significant hands-on experience on a google cloud platform, then it is the right time to validate your knowledge and skills with the certification.

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