Oracle Corporation is a well-known and multi-national company that sells enterprise database software, technology, cloud engineered system, middle-tier software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, human capital management (HCM), customer relationship management (CRM) and supply chain management (SCM).  In the last year 2018, Oracle was the 3rd largest software company by revenue. To train the people and validate skills, knowledge, and experience of professionals, developers, database administrators, and beginners, Oracle offers 06-levels of certification credentials. These credentials are granted after passing exams & completing training and assignments. Oracle certification badge is tangible benchmarks of expertise and expertise. The holder of Oracle certification gets the multiple career benefits in the market and stand out in a crowd among peers.

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam – A Scope and Exam Introduction

The Oracle 1Z0-808 exam is one of the most demanding Java certification programs. This exam is designed to prove the expertise of professionals with the Java language. It is helpful for professionals who want to upgrade their expertise and knowledge in Java technology. You can get recognition from the industry after passing this Java SE 8 Programmer I exam.

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam

The Java Associate and Professional Certified developers can find better jobs opportunity as compared to the noncertified Java developers. To become a certified Oracle professional you have to pass the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam. Let’s get introduced to the Oracle Java certification exam.

Exam Name Java SE 8 Programmer I
Exam Number 1Z0-808
Exam Registration $150.00
Format Multiple Choice
Time Duration 150
No. of Questions 70
Passing Marks 65%

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam – A Complete Topics Details

To pass Java SE 8 Programmer I exam you have to understand the exam topics, exam questions, exam preparation materials, and a comprehensive guideline to solve all exam questions within the given time frame. Now first discuss the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam topics in detail.

  1. Java Basics  – The first part of the Oracle 1Z0-808 exam describes the scope of variables, the structure of Java class, creation of Java application, and its association with the main method, run the Java program from the command line, and produce console output. The Java packages, features, components, platform independence, object orientation, and encapsulation are also part of the first chapter.
  2. Using Operators and Decision Constructs – The second chapter of Java SE 8 Programmer Ideals the use of Java operators; override operator precedence, test quality, dealing with string and other objects, creation of if and if/else, ternary constructs and finally the role of the switch statement.
  3. Using Loop Constructs – The 3rd chapter of the Oracle Java exam provides information about the creation and usage of while loops, for loops, do and while loops, why we loop construct and usage of break and continue.
  4. Working with Inheritance – The 4th chapter of Oracle certification exam describes inheritance and its scope, benefits, the use of polymorphism, development of code that overrides methods, differentiate between reference and the role of an object, what is casting, usage of super ad access objects and constructor classes and interfaces.
  5. Working with Selected classes from the Java API – The 5th chapter of Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam provides detailed information about the data manipulation, using the StringBuilder class and its different methods, How to create and manipulate strings calendar data using classes from Java time, LocalDate, LocalTime format. Date. The declaration of ArrayList of a given type, simple Lambda expression.
  6. Working With Java Data Types – The 6th Chapter Oracle Java developer exam describes detailed information about the initialization of variables, casting of primitive data types, what is the difference between object reference and primitive variables. How to write and read the object fields, What is the Object Lifecycle? Finally, develop code by using integer, double, and Boolean data types.
  7. Creating and Using Arrays – The 7th chapter of Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam provides detailed information about the declaration, instantiate, initialize of one, and multidimensional arrays.
  8. Working with Methods and Encapsulation – The 8th chapter of Java SE 8 Programmer I provide detail information regarding arguments, return values, including overloaded methods, static keyword to fields and methods; application of overload constructors, and access modifiers; encapsulation principles to a class.
  9. Handling Exceptions – The last chapter of the Oracle Java exam deals with checked exceptions, unchecked exceptions, and errors. How to create a try-catch block and the role of exceptions; Advantages of exception handling; throws an exception, recognize common classes such as NullPointerException, ArthmeticException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, and ClassCastException.

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam

Oracle 1Z0-808 Exam – Simple & Smart Way of Preparation

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