If you have a plan to pursue a Microsoft Developer career, then getting the right certification can make a big difference in your goal. Your main goal is to become a certified Microsoft Developer. In this article, you will learn some basic things that are necessary to become a Microsoft Certified Developer.

The IT job market is constantly changing and expanding. In this trend, new roles and positions are creating with the passage of time. So it is the best time to decide to increase or refine your computing talents in a particular area or technology or platform that can be a very wise investment of your time and money.

There are different IT industries that you should know and choose the right certificate that perfectly matches your career goal.

In the remaining article, we’ll take a look at the different roles as Microsoft Developer can play and discuss its related Microsoft Developer Certification.

Microsoft Certification Exam

Full Stack, Front End, and Back End Developer

In your initial research on IT developer roles, you may have heard the different developer terms like full-stack, front stack, and back end developer. These developers’ jobs title is used to describe different and broader types of developers and their respective roles. We divide into three categories that are described in details in the following lines.

A front end developer – The front end developer is a client-side developer. Front-end developers are responsible to design user interface aesthetics, creating layouts that are easy for customers to navigate. These are the main job roles of the front end developer.

Back End Developer – The Back end developer is a server-side developer. The backend developers are specialized in the development and maintaining backend software-based scalability, functional logic, and performance, etc.

Full Stack Developer – The full stack developers are experts to perform both roles of front and back end developers, therefore they are able to build fully functional web software or application or platforms.

Choose your job role with respect to Microsoft Developer Certification

In the IT industry, the developer is a broad term, in fact, more than 15 different types of developers are identified in different workplaces right now.

From full stand developers to lower-level developers, every development role is confusing. Let’s look at some of the most demanding and popular types of software developers in the market.

Web Developer: A web developer is responsible for website design and development. At the beginning level of developers usually require some basic knowledge of common coding operations such as HTML and CSS.

Desktop Developer: Desktop Developer is a specialized professional that works on desktop operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

Mobile Developer: A mobile developer holds a particular knowledge and expertise to builds mobile applications and interfaces. Today there are huge opportunities for Mobile Developer.

Data Scientist: The main job role of a data scientist is to write and develop programs that analyze data sets.

DevOps Developers: DevOps Developer is responsible to create, deploy, and integrate software and back-end systems.

Security Developer: Security developers have specialized skills, knowledge, and experience to create programs that verify the security and integrity of IT security systems.

The other developer’s job roles which you can include graphics, games, big data, CRM, embedded, high level, low level, and WordPress developers.

Make a plan to earn the badge of Microsoft Certification.

The selection of Microsoft Certification to pursue a developer career is the best choice. Having the credentials of Microsoft Developer certification will help you to verify your skills and knowledge with the written Microsoft Developer Exam and it will also grow your personal and professional development. You can easily accelerate your career and stand out in the developer job market crowd.

Let’s talk about the different Microsoft Developer Certifications that are currently available to pursue.

Microsoft Developer Certification

Demanding Microsoft Developer Certifications

Microsoft is one of the best market players in the IT certification that offers a very wide range of certifications. With a little research, you may find the best certification that is right for you and perfectly matches your interest and career goal. However, there are some career-oriented Microsoft Developers certifications, such as:

  1. MCSA: SQL 2016 database development
  2. MCE Microsoft Azure DevOps
  3. MTA: Intro to Programming
  4. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

When choosing the best certification, it is better to do research in details about the certification and your interest. Make sure that the chosen Microsoft Developer Certification is perfectly suited to you and assist you to become a particular type of developer.

After making a selection of the most suitable certificate for you, you will have to think about how you want to get it. Do you want to join instructor-led training groups or want to study at home alone? Would you get benefit from videos lectures, class notes, Microsoft Certification Practice Questions?

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The Best of Luck in the journey of becoming a Certified Microsoft Developer.