Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MSCD) enables a person to develop and design solutions with the help of Microsoft .NET Framework, and also to process development tools and technologies for Microsoft. This certification means one has the skills necessary to lead an organization with successful design, administration, and implementation of solutions with Microsoft products. MSCD has three types of certifications namely MCSD: web application, MCSD: Application Lifecycle Management, and MCSD: Windows Store Apps Solutions Developer

Necessity of a Certification

A Certification under the letterhead of Microsoft is something that will enhance anyone’s personality. It demonstrates one’s knowledge and experience in using Microsoft solutions and products. MCSD is designed to be effective in the ever-changing IT market; it helps one utilize and fine-tune one’s troubleshooting skills, improve job satisfaction and evolving technologies. This certification demonstrates to the customers and employers that one has advancing skills and taking on greater challenges despite one being new to technology, a seasoned IT professional or changing jobs. In addition, the certification provides one with access to the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) benefits. Thus it is to conclude that a MCSD: web application certificate adds value to one’s career

Who’s it for?

This certification is basically for programmers with one or two years of experience in the field of developing with HTML in an OOP, event-driven programming language mode and one or more years of experience in the field of programming the essential business logic or application logic for a various application types and hardware or software platforms using JavaScript.

Required knowledge for the MCSD: web application certification

  • Asynchronous programming and threading
  • Managing program flow and events
  • Handling errors and exceptions
  • Decision and iteration statements
  • Working with prototypes and methods
  • Data validation and working with data collections including query handling
  • Working with variables, operators, and expressions
  • Arrays and collections

Route to the MCSD certification

There are five exams which a candidate needs to attend to and pass in order to get the certification of MCSD. The exams can be passed in any order of choice by the candidate. The required exams are as follows.

  • One elective exam
  • One exam on Web services and server components
  • One exam on solution architecture
  • One exam on Web applications development
  • One exam on Windows applications development

There are three exams which are unique for MCSD: web application those are

  • Exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with Java Script and CSS3
  • Exam 70-486 Developing ASP.NET 4.5 MVC Web Applications
  • Exam 70-487 Developing Windows Azure and Web Services

Some exams may be temporarily retired, if an exam is retired, a candidate cannot take the exam until the exam takes place again. But if an exam is retired after the completion of the exam, then the exam can be counted to be a part of the certification.


The job of a web application developer is very interesting especially when the target audience is so large in number. And this MCSD: web application certification is globally accepted as symbol of excellence and knowledge. So if your aim is to develop online application on the cloud, go for this certification.