Although the fame of Project Management Professional (PMP) Certifications has spread through out the world, there are some that still have inhibition toward PMP certification exams. The major hurdles faced by the aspirants include the enormous fees charged by the training institutes and the difficulties in understanding the study material through self learning process. It is very unfortunate that young aspirants look at the expenditure, while they forget the benevolence of PMP certification toward their career.

Some of the benefits of PMP certification include recognition by the corporate world, extensive exposure to project management techniques, high paying jobs and quick promotions and increments. To learn all the methodologies and techniques through self-study is difficult, and with many online institutions reducing the fees, it is wise to join the one that best suits your needs. Online PMP certification training institutes apart from offering your well prepared study guides that help you in clearing your exams, they also provide samples and demos for you to practice. The training you get through trusted online institutions is not only useful for your PMP certification exams but also is very helpful when you are employed as well.

PMI Certification Course:

PMI certification is based on only 1 exam known as pmi-001 exam with total 114 questions.

Here are some sample questions for pmi certification exam pmi-001.

Q. 1.


Which of the following represents the BEST process to accomplish resource planning?


A. Identifying the required resources in the project charter

B. Identifying the available resources and allocate them to all activities in the current phase of the project.

C. Identifying the required resources and allocate them to all project activities.

D. Identifying the resources that performed past similar projects, and allocate them to all project activities

E. None of the above

Answer: D

Q. 2 .


What would be the cost performance index if BCWP =350, ACWP = 400, and BCWS = 325?


Note: Budgeted Cost of Work Performed (BCWP), Actual Cost of Work Performed (ACWP) and Budget Cost of Work Schedule (BCWS)


A. 0.813

B. 1.078

C. 1.143

D. 0.875

Answer: D

Q. 3.


Which of the following describes fast tracking?


A. Circumventing loopholes.

B. Developing workarounds for previous problems.

C. Increased project risk.

D. Getting people to work longer hours in overtime.

E. Meeting schedule objectives by adding resources.

Answer: C

Q. 4.

Which of the following factors are NOT included in cost control?


A. Preparation of cost estimates.

B. Informing stakeholders of changes.

C. Monitoring cost performance.

D. Recording appropriate changes to the cost baseline.

Answer: A




Where does comparing actual to baseline schedules, examining the statement of work, understanding cost overruns, and assessing risk all occur?


A. Stakeholder meeting.

B. Resource leveling activity.

C. Project audit.

D. Contract negotiation.

Answer: C


Project managers with PMP certification are a real assert to the companies. Companies adapting to today’s work culture prefer PMP certified project managers to lead their projects successfully. There are several reasons for you to join online PMP certification training centers. To name a few, they can train you in such a way that you clear the exams in one sitting; they provide you with simulators, a privilege you will never get in self preparation; you also can find like minded online friends that can guide you through available opportunities or share experiences; online training centers also keep you informed of the latest changes if any. If you are serious about your management career, it is worth spending a few bucks to obtain vast knowledge and a valuable qualification. For PMP certification training, you can check recommendations page.

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