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Every IT professional looking for CCNA cortication is interested to know about growth for ccna jobs and demand of ccna certification in IT industry. However when you are going to start your career as a cisco ccna professional you can start it with ccna temporary jobs to get some practical knowledge and professional experience to get job in USA, UK, Altlanta ga, tampa, Asia and Europe etc. The CCNA certified could get job in the following possible positions.


CCNA Job Titles and their Responsibilities:

Here are probable ccna job titles and their responsibilities, skills and duties needed worldwide. However, some companies may differ in demanded skills according to their requirements.

  • Network Supervisor


– Support Experience
– Excellent Customer Support
– Good communication skills
– CCNA certified

  • CCNA System Engineer

Necessary Skills:

– Advance LAN & WAN skills and good routers and switching troubleshooting
– Designing, configuration, installation and configuration skills for networking for increasing bandwidth and response times, enhance reliability and quality of service (QoS)
– Wide range of experience in supporting Windows Servers, Active Directory, Exchange 2003/ 2007
– 2nd/ 3rd line support experience

  • CCNA Network Engineer


Required Skills:


– Positive approach for team work with a will to learn/share knowledge

– Ability to work under pressure

– Excellent time management and organizational skills

– Show initiative and understand how to set expectation levels, both internally and externally

– Excellent interpersonal skills

– Flexible and enthusiastic approach


  • Performance Fault Manager

Skills Required:

– Practical experience as a Network Performance Fault Manager

– Enterprise operations and maintenance experience in running environment highly desired

– Proficiency in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

– Ability to communicate both orally and in writing

  • VOIP Network Engineer



– Managing Network Operations aspects.

– Ensure sufficient coverage to monitor production systems and resolve issues on a timely basis.

– Responsible for the running, coaching and development of Network Operations Team

– Major on-call responsibilities and management of on-call personnel

– Technical knowledge in depth and understanding of Network, Firewall, VoIP/Turret/TDM telephony and video.

– Experienced at network and system troubleshooting, monitoring tools, alarm conditions, and escalation processes and procedures.

  • Network Performance Manager


– To operate fault management software and Marine Corps network management software which receives alarms and alerts from monitored equipment which automatically relates useful information and enter that information in double ticket system.

– Fault Identification, isolation and correction of any network routing communications problems and hardware / software components.

– To provide input to network trend analysis and capacity analysis

– To define server build procedures and server configuration procedures, directory architecture

– To provide technology migration support for MCNOSC architecture needed.

– To create and maintain documentation body, relevant standard operating procedures which explains the execution of technical problem solutions.


  • Network Operations Engineer



– To find out troubles identified by network to monitor and resolve issues.

– Monitoring, troubleshooting and correcting server all network problems and other live broadcasting issues.

– To work with third parties (engineers, system architectures, infrastructure vendors, customers and developers) to cut down problems and achieve results.

– And others according to company requirements.

  • Field Technician



– Responsible to manage network operations to provide highest quality data communication services possible for assisting network operations.

– To participate in building and maintaining state of art transport network and configure network elements to support voice, video and data traffic.

– To provide support for video services and manager cisco IOS network and juniper network firewall to configure and implement access policies.

– To monitor network characteristics, maintain logs and to follow procedures responding affectively in tolerance conditions and outages.

– To analyse, diagnose and correct network hardware and software issues concerning with data delivery to cut down network downtime.

– To participate in study and research programs to develop new system and management tools.

– To assist in installation and maintenance activities for contractors training and technical staff.


  • Systems Analyst


– Installation, configuration, supporting and troubleshooting firewalls/switches/routers module and installation and upgrades.

– To access control for inbound and outbound traffics for routers and firewalls.

– To configure VPN, routing, IOS configuration for switches, Access control installation, network management software installation and configuration.


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