If you are just getting into the ICT – Information and Communication Technology market, one of the certification courses that you should consider doing is CompTIA A+. The certification course functions in validating your skills and expertise in basic computing (i.e. Hardware and software maintenance).

CompTIA A+ certification course ought to be done by everyone who is in the IT sector regardless of their job description. As pointed out earlier, the course will provide you with basic hardware and software troubleshooting skills.

The CompTIA A+ certification course is classified into two parts. These are:

Part 1: This section covers CompTIA A+ fundamentals. There is a total of 100 questions in this section that a candidate is expected to attempt.

Part 2: There is a total of three examinations in this section. However, a candidate is expected to only choose two. Each test comprises of a total of 90 questions. Listed below are the exams which Part 2 of CompTIA A+ cover:

  • IT Technician. This exam is also commonly referred to as CompTIA A+ 220-602.
  • Remote Support Technician. This exam is also commonly referred to as CompTIA A+ 220-603.
  • Depot Technician. This exam is also commonly referred to as CompTIA A+ 220-604.

To guarantee your success while preparing for CompTIA A+ examination, listed below are some of the things that you can do:


Since time immemorial, the only way through which one could ensure their success while preparing for an examination was through thorough revision. Whereas a number of people claim learn best through doing, reading is still important. In spite of the high cost of buying textbooks, you can still acquire knowledge by visiting your local library or using the internet. Nowadays, there are hordes of free study guides accessible on the net that you can utilize while preparing for your examination.

Prepare Short Notes

Preparation of short-notes that can be used as study materials when you are free or not committed to work applies whether you are attending classes or studying on your own. When you jot things down in your notebook, you will find it easier to remember them.

Hands On

Given that CompTIA A+ certification tests on one’s ability to troubleshoot and repair hardware and software issues, it is highly recommended that you get some practical experience while preparing for the exam. You can invest in an old computer which will function in offering you the much needed practical experience.

Practice Exams

Thanks to the internet, there are a myriad of sites that offer practice tests which you can utilize to gauge your competence in a particular area. Practice exams are important as they provide the candidate with actual examination experience. In addition to helping you determine how to answer questions, practice exams also allow you to practice answering all the questions within the required time.

The following are some of the things that you need to avoid while preparing for CompTIA A+ certification exams:

  • Distractions.
  • Unreliable resource sites.
  • Deter from using obsolete study guides.
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