Microsoft corporation is a well-known American technology company that develops, manufactures, supports, licenses and sells computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers and related services in the market. The company also has a sizeable certification program that is validating the skills and expertise of solutions architect, functional consultant, administrators, developers, software engineers, cloud experts, and network experts. Having the credentials of Microsoft certification shows a person’s competence in a specific IT role and it can demonstrate their skills and knowledge that are mandatory to work on Microsoft products, technology and platform successfully. The Microsoft certification divided into six main categories. These categories are cloud, mobility, productivity, app builder, data and business applications, etc. Choose the best one that suits your interest and accelerate your career in the market.

Microsoft 70-762 Exam

General Information Microsoft 70-762 Exam?

Today, we talk about one of the new industry standard and career-oriented Microsoft 70-762 Exam or Developing SQL Databases certification. This exam is intended for database experts who design, build and implement the database within the organizations. How to create database files, tables, identify the data types and ensure the high levels of data availability for further business decision making. To plan, create, optimize, indexes, ensuring data integrity, stored procedure, different functions and how to manage transactions; all these important tasks are the part of Microsoft 70-762 exam.

As far as the audience of Microsoft 70-762 exam is concerned, the primary audience for this career rewarding Developing SQL database certification is IT professionals who want to polish their expertise in SQL server technology by implementing a database in the businesses.

The secondary audiences for Microsoft 70-760 exam are those individuals who are developers from other product platforms and have a plan to become skilled in the implementation of a SQL server database. Let’s further talk about the exam basic information.

Exam Code 70-762
Exam Name Developing SQL Databases
Exam Registration $165 USD
Exam Questions format Multiple Formats
Exam Languages English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Korean
Retirement Data None

What Skills are Measured with Microsoft 70-762 Exam?

The Microsoft 70-762 exam measures your ability to accomplish the database related task listed below. The percentage of each topic also written that describes the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam. The higher the percentage means the more questions you are likely to see in the final exam.

  1. Design and implement database objects (25-35%)
  2. Implement programmability objects (20-25%)
  3. Manage database concurrency (25-30%)
  4. Optimize database objects and SQL infrastructure (20-25%)

What are the topics in the Microsoft 70-762 exam syllabus?

To get success in the Microsoft 70-762 exam, you have to prepare well before to take in the final  Developing SQL Databases exam. Without complete information about the topics exam, you can not start your preparation perfectly and pass this challenging exam in the first attempt. Check out the details of the exam topics.

  1. Design and Implement Database Object – In this topic, you will learn about to design and implement a relational database scheme. How to design tables and schemas based on different business requirements? How to improve the design of tables by using the normalization? Identification of the most efficient data types. How to design and implement the indexes, views and column store indexes? Describe in detail.
  2. Implement programmability objects – This syllabus part of the Microsoft 70-762 exam provides knowledge about the data integrity with constraints, procedures for stored data, creation of users defined functions and triggers.
  3. Manage database concurrency – In this section of the Developing SQL Databases exam, you get knowledge about database concurrency. How to manage database concurrency and implement different transactions. What are the different isolation levels? How to manage these isolation levels? What is concurrency and how to deal with locking behavior? Describe in detail about the memory-optimized tables and native stored procedures.
  4. Optimize database objects and SQL infrastructure – In this chapter of the Microsoft database exam, you will learn about the different methods to optimize statistics and indexes. How to analyze and troubleshoot the multiple query plans? What are the different database instances and how to manage their performance? The monitoring and how to trace the SQL server baseline performance metric is also part of the Microsoft 70-762 exam. Explain in detail

Microsoft 70-762 Exam

What job roles available after passing the Microsoft 70-762 Exam?

There are plenty of job opportunities are available in the local and multinational companies after passing the Microsoft 70-762 exam. However, you can start or promote your jobs in the following job roles.

  1. Microsoft Certified SQL developer
  2. Microsoft Certified Database administrator
  3. Microsoft Certified Database Handler
  4. Microsoft SQL Database administrator
  5. Microsoft SQL Database advisor

How you can Pass Microsoft 70-762 Exam?

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