Esri stands for Environmental Systems Research Institute. The Esri is a leading supplier of Geographic Information System (GIS) software, Geodatabase Management Applications, and Web-GIS technologies. The company is operated by Redlands, California. The Esri products, particularly ArcGis Desktop offer reliable, cost-effective and swift GIS solutions for enterprises. Currently, Esri has 43 percent of the GIS software market shares in the world. It is more than any GIS software supplier in the market. So we can say that Esri is a market leader in GIS software and technologies. To validate the skills, knowledge, experience of GIS professionals, application developer or an enterprise administrator, Esri offers technical certification exams. This certification exam is divided into three levels such as entry, associate and professional levels. The main aims of Esri technical certification programs to recognize qualified individual skills who are proficient in the best practice for designing, installing, configuring, operating and troubleshooting Esri software or applications. With the help of the Esri certifications, you can advance your professional and personal goals.

Esri EADA105 Exam

What is Esri EADA105 Exam?

Today we talk about one of the most demanding and career promising Esri EADA105 Exam or ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10. This exam is designed to test the candidate’s expertise and experience to apply ArcGIS concepts and processes to workflows. After passing this exam you should be able to use ArcGIS to visualize, manage and analyze geospatial data as per the recommended procedure. You will gain confidence, competitive edge, inspire trust and stand out from the crowd. Lets talk in detail about this exam.

Exam Code EADA105
Exam Name ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.5
Exam Registration $250 USD
Number of Questions 80
Exam Questions format Multiple Choice
Exam duration 2 hours
Language English

What are the Esri EADA105 Exam Topics?

The following table will familiarize you with the exam sections that assist in exam preparation. The relative weight of each section is also provided for a better understanding of the importance of each topic.

Sr. No Exam Topics Percentage
1 Data Management 36
2 Data Manipulation 20
3 Visualization 11
4 Sharing 13
5 Analysis and Geoprocessing 20
  1. Data Management  – In the first topic of the Esri EADA105 Exam, how to compare and contrast different types of raster and vector datasets that are supported in ArcGIS. Choose the right coordinate system to deal with spatial properties. How to load and convert data into a Geodatabase and various applications of data validation.  What are the different types of Geodatabase and choose the best one that perfectly meets the requirement of the enterprise? How to manage data in ArcGIS platform components? Management of raster data, tables, and vector data. Determine how to maintain item metadata.
  2. Data Manipulation – In the second section of the ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.5 exam, how to editing the workflow to create, modify and delete 3D and 2D features. Trace the root cause of a data alignment problem. How to determine the appropriate loading process, environment, and tools for loading data into a feature table or class. How to apply a SQL query and repair a broken data source.
  3. Visualization – In this chapter of ArcGIS Desktop Associate exam , you will learn about the different coordinate systems and Geographic transformation in ArcGIS desktop. How to manage layers’ properties and determine the visualize temporal, ranged or 3D data?
  4. Sharing – In the sharing section of this exam, you will get knowledge about the different data formats. How to export data and maps into the different format options. How to share data across the ArcGIS Platform. What is the purpose of metadata and properties that plays a crucial role in data sharing? How to create and how to manage map layouts and map book, describe in detail.
  5. Analysis and Geoprocessing – In the final chapter of the Esri EADA105 Exam, how to compare the properties of related classes and spatial joins. What are the tools that use in Geoprocessing? What are the complex workflow and their use in ArcGIS Pro tasks? Explain the role of batch processing or models. In a given situation, choose the appropriate coordinate system. Get knowledge about the different analysis tools available from ArcGIS Online. What are the ArcGIS enterprise portal based analysis services and their roles in Geoprocessing? Application of raster functions for image and raster processing.

Esri EADA105 Exam

What is the recommended Preparation Resources to Pass Esri EADA105 Exam?

To pass this exam you have to prepare well before sitting in the final exam of ArcGIS Desktop Associate 10.5. For perfect exam training and preparation, you have to follow the recommended training resources, which is cited below.

Books from Esri Press

  1. Getting to Know ArcGIS, Fourth Edition
  2. Lining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map Projections,
  3. Second Edition Getting to Know ArcGIS Pro

Other Learning Resources

  1. ArcGIS Desktop: Documentation
  2. Premiumdumps Esri EADA105 Exam

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