Introduction Of BICSI Certifications | Updated 2018

BICSI is the name of a professional organization supporting information transport systems industry or ITS. It is covering a wide range of voice, data and video technologies. It includes design, integration, and installation of pathways, spaces, wireless systems, fiber and copper-based distribution system etc.

BICSI is providing knowledge, information, and information for IT professionals including designers, installers, and technicians to provide basic infrastructure for audio/video, life safety, and telecommunication systems.

About BICSI Certifications

Modern global Information Transport Systems (ITS) require uniform standards to ensure compatibility to make communication from any point worldwide possible. The ITS standards authority that has gained global prominence is the professional association, Building Industry Consulting Service International Inc. or as it is referred to, BICSI (pronounced bik-see). BICSIā€˜s global presence is solidified by its over 30,000 members from almost 140 countries. Besides its operation as an ITS industry membership service organization, BICSI provides ITS standards worldwide through the BICSI Certification program. BICSI certification credentials provide ITS professional documentation that assures the ITS professional is prepared to provide ITS services in the most reliable, accurate, compatible and ethical manner available.

The BICSI Exams

In order to receive the highly valued BICSI Certification, it is necessary to complete with a qualifying grade one or more of the BICSI exams. The BICSI exams cover all aspects of ITS technologies for voice, data, and video including the design, integration, and installation of all types of distribution systems for transporting information. BICSI exams test knowledge of telecommunications infrastructure, data distribution, outside plant design, low voltage cable installation, residential cabling and wireless design. They are difficult and require extensive knowledge in the BICSI exam specialty area.

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