Network plus certification is one of the certification awarded from computing technology industry association (comp TIA). This certification is for the professionals who are working for an information technology company and also for the professionals who have at least more than 5 years of work experience in the networking field. Technology always gets updates at regular intervals and it is necessary to the IT professionals to get updated with several certifications in order to stay unique in their company. Companies are seeking for the skilled persons who have adequate knowledge in the respective fields. International certifications such as Network+ Certification, security plus etc will be the right choice to the IT professionals for showing career change and rapid growth in their career.


In order to obtain network+ certification, candidate has to pass in one conventional examination. The network+ certification code number is N10-003 and they are classified in to various subjects. Those subjects are classified in to standards, protocols, Medias as well as topologies, network support and network implementation etc. Each exam has its own weight of marks and also differs in level of examinations.

After successfully certified the network plus certification, professionals can expect respect and credentials in the organizations where they are working and also get high opportunities in getting promotions than the senior employer. All these can happen because network plus certification is more important and also they are supported by all popular multinational companies. Companies hiring those certified candidates will be benefitted in several areas. The foremost thing is they will clearly know in what they are getting. Other advantage is that a certified candidate hired in the company does not require a lot of training as they would have got trained in the respective field while preparing for the exam itself. So, directly work can be started by giving basic instructions/ training to the selected professional. It is not required to go for training classes like other certification courses. Network plus can be certified by just preparing in self study mode from the internet source.