“ITIL Foundation v.3” certification is commonly called EX0-101 certification test. This exam is carried out by EXIN.

EXIN or perhaps the Exam Institute of data Science could be the global leader in conducting certification exams in the world of IT. Through independent testing and EX0-101 exams, this institute always strives to have an even and certification platform for any stream.

ITIL is really a list of principles that was formed through the United Kingdom’s Office of Commerce (OGC) to formulate and standardize the protocols of IT Service Management practices. Since its formation, it is the most trusted and implemented approach for IT Service Management. It possesses a cohesive and coherent approach of recommendations, drawn from in which you and public sectors. As a way to further benchmark the practices, they have introduced various certifications and exams to properly access and gauge the candidate’s profile in this particular domain.

The first series of certifications were ITIL v1 and v2 series. V3 series could be the latest within the offering, and was introduced in 4 seasons 2008.

The certifications have been created in a way to properly examine the candidate’s expertise level in the IT Service Management domain. Such are the strict adherence to its fundamentals inside exams that, one do not need to acquire any additional EX0-112 qualification inside service management domain, following this certification.

In the examination, there is a total of 40 questions, which is why stipulated time of Sixty minutes are allocated. Pass percentage of this exam is 65%.

As a prerequisite, the possible candidate needs to be amply trained while using fundamentals with the service industry. Besides that, some hands-on knowledge is definitely preferable. Many of the broader topics which can be covered in this particular certification are:

1. Service Management: Fundamentals and best practice

2. Lifecycle

3. Key Principles

4. Awareness about the generic concepts

5. ITIL qualification schemes

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