Businesses are moving to the cloud faster than ever before. Many innovative public cloud platform offerings, such as Microsoft Azure, continue to revolutionize the cloud that businesses use. One of Microsoft’s unique offerings is the ability to migrate SAP workloads to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. As a result, there has been a recent dramatic increase in the demand for professionals who can manage the Microsoft Azure SAP workload successfully.

Microsoft is promoting a role-based Azure certification model with AZ-120 exam to test candidates’ ability to work with Microsoft Azure. Therefore, in order to prepare for the AZ-120 exam, the increase in many online searches must be taken into account. SAP on Azure provides an excellent opportunity to improve ERP in the cloud.

By looking at how many companies are moving SAP to the cloud and using SAP, you can clearly anticipate the potential jobs that may arise in the industry. Individuals who can leverage the security, reliability, and scalability aspects of the Azure infrastructure to manage SAP workloads can provide career opportunities ahead. AZ-120 exam helps candidates demonstrate their ability to use the Azure infrastructure to manage SAP workload.

AZ-120 exam

Microsoft Azure AZ-120 Exam

The most important thing candidates need to know about the AZ-120 exam is that it is a special certification exam. After passing the exam, you will receive the function “Microsoft Certified: Azure for SAP Workloads“. Another important thing to keep in mind when preparing for the AZ-120 exam is that Microsoft Azure certifications are based on role-based.

Candidates for the AZ-120 exam are usually engineers and architects who need to provide service recommendations to manage the SAP workload in Azure. SAP career roles at Azure Professionals include resource optimization to provide flexibility, scalability, size, provisioning, monitoring, and performance. In addition, candidates must also have Azure Architect or Azure Administrator certifications to pass the AZ-120 certification test. In addition to the AZ-120 certification exam, candidates should also obtain Linux and SAP HANA certifications. However, it is important to note that these conditions are not mandatory prerequisites.

Microsoft AZ-120 Exam General Information

The official Microsoft Azure website does not provide clear information on the number of AZ-120 test questions. However, candidates can find scenario-based questions with one answer and several possible answers. In addition, the AZ-120 test may also have drag-and-drop questions that require candidates to sort certain items in the order.

Exam Code AZ-120
Exam Name Planning and Administering Microsoft Azure for SAP Workloads
Technology Microsoft Azure, SAP
Exam Registration $165 USD
dp-200 exam questions format Multiple Formats
Prerequisites None
Exam Languages English
Retirement Data None

Topics Covered in the AZ-120 Exam

The most important feature of any AZ-120 preparation manual is the chart of test objectives. Candidates should know the specific areas in which they will be tested in the AZ-120 exam. In addition, candidates must be familiar with the sub-disciplines in each field of examination. A detailed overview of the categories included in the test can help candidates better understand the questions to be taken in the exam. The AZ-120 exam tests the abilities of candidates in the following domains.

Migrate SAP workload to Azure 

The first field of the AZ-120 certification exam is related to the placement of SAP workload in Azure. This area is about 10% to 15% of the questions for the AZ-120 test. The sub-themes in this area are as follows.

  1. List the list of existing SAP scenarios, including network inventory, security inventory, process system inventory, and migration considerations.
  2. Develop a migration strategy with design standards for migration infrastructure improvement issues, HANA system replication, import and export data box, SAP ASR and Design Data Center Integration (TDI) solutions v4 and v5.

Design Azure solutions for SAP workload support

The second important area of ​​the Microsoft Azure For SAP Workloads Specialty is the design of Azure solutions to support SAP workloads. The region accounts for approximately 20% to 25% of all AZ-120 test questions. The sub-themes in this area are as follows.

  1. Build a core Azure infrastructure solution to support SAP workloads
  2. Build Azure infrastructure services to support the SAP workload
  3. Develop a flexible Azure solution to support SAP workloads

Azure creation and deployment for SAP workloads

The third area highlighted in the preparation of the AZ-120 test concerns the development and implementation of Azure solutions for SAP workloads. This is the most important area in the AZ-120 certification exam and accounts for approximately 35% to 40% of the test questions. The sub-themes covered in this area are as follows.

  1. Automate the deployment of virtual machines
  2. Virtual network implementation and management
  3. Manage Azure access and authentication
  4. Identity implementation and management
  5. Monitor SAP workload in Azure

Azure infrastructure validation for SAP workload

Area 4 is also an essential supplement to each AZ-120 test preparation manual and relates to the validation of the Azure infrastructure for SAP workloads. There are 10-15% of test questions in this area. The sub-themes covered in this area are as follows.

  1. Take a look at the infrastructure
  2. Carrying out a readiness test

Guaranteed Azure SAP engineering performance

The last AZ-120 area is Azure SAP architecture-enabled operations. This is about 10% to 15% of the questions asked in the field test. The sub-themes covered by this area include the following.

  1. Performance improvement
  2. SAP workload migration to Azure, which includes topics such as migration strategy, storage configuration, data backup and recovery, Azure site recovery, and more

AZ-120 Exam

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