Apple Certifications

About Apple Macintosh

Apple is one of the most unique inventors of technologies and hardware in our generation. All its products are usually revolutionary and at the cutting edge of known technology. The Macintosh is one such Apple product that revolutionized the personal computer industry. An Apple Macintosh has the advantage of being accessible to the most basic users and at the same time being the most efficient tool available for professional users. An Apple Macintosh is one of the most preferred professional computers the world over.

The hardware and software used in the Apple products are extremely sophisticated and complex and Apple offers training and certification for getting technical proficiency in the use of the Apple Macintosh. This certification is especially useful to people who want to have a successful career like Macintosh service technicians, technical support, system administrators and help desk support. This certification is also very useful for professional users who can then make the most of their Apple Macintosh. Having an Apple certification can be huge advantage on the resume of any IT professional. So if you are a proficient Apple Macintosh user, you can prove it by getting an Apple Certification. An Apple certification will also help you differentiate yourself and your business from your competition.

Exams expert offers a comprehensive Apple certifications training for all available Apple certifications. Apple offers certification for all aspects of Macintosh proficiency including hardware, software and troubleshooting. There are a number of different certification programs offered by Apple for different specializations. Exams expert comprehensively supports your Apple exams preparation for every Apple certification. You can become confident in your test writing ability by taking various practice tests that are made available to you. You will have access to Apple Training Tools to ensure that you are fully equipped to take your Apple exams. You can ensure that you are fully prepared for the Apple tests by access to an Apple study guide that is also provided to you by Exams expert.

So, hurry and check the various certification programs offered by Apple and choose the one that’s right for you and your career.

Apple Certification Program

Apple offers 5 types of certification programs below

1. Mac OS X Certifications

Apple Certified Support Professional: ACSP

This is perfect starting point on Mac OS X certifications path and based on Mac OS X support and troubleshooting.

Apple Certified Technical Coordinator (ACTC)

This certification adds necessary Mac OS X Server support and troubleshooting skills and knowledge.

Apple Certified System Administrator (ACSA)

This is Premier OS X Certification for professionals who are managing networks of company in complex, multi-platform deployments.

More information on Mac OS X certification is available here .

2. Xsan and Media Administration Certifications

This certification checks in depth knowledge of Apple’s SAN fiel system skills and knowledge for Mac OS X. ACMA certification also checks candidate’s ability to install and configure systems, customize, architect and maintain networks and troubleshoot services and also to mix final studio, final cut server and also other Mac OS X technologies within Xsan installation of any size. More information can be found here

3. iLife and iWork Certifications

Apple offers Apple Certified Associate Certification for iLife and iWork certifications products suites. These certifications are designed for professionals, educators and students who are looking to validate their knowledge and skills in apple applications. Learn more about this program here

4. Professional Applications Certifications

Apple presented certification program for apple’s professional application incorporating Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Server, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Color, Logic Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Aperture.
Master Certification is offered for both Final Cut Studio and Login Studio. This certification program consists of creative professional in various roles, including editors, filmmakers and sound designers, artistes, teachers and photographers. More information is available at

5. Apple Hardware Certification

This certification is for those professionals interested in providing their understanding of Apple hardware.

Apple Certified Technician (ACMT)

Apple certified technician is designed for those professionals looking to become Macintosh service technician, help desk personal or Macintosh consultants with depth understanding of Apple systems. Learn more at

Apple Certifications Importance

5 Reasons: Why you should be Apple Certified?

  1. Research shows that certified professionals earn more than non certified professionals.
  2. To distinguish yourself from others in company via proven mastery of a technology.
  3. To increase your market value. HR Managers prefer those candidates with knowledge, skill validate by certifications they have.
  4. To get promotion quickly inside an organization with shortages in a specialized field via certification to control you own path and progress quickly.
  5. To update yourself in your field via certification this will help you to stay ahead of the curve.

5 Reasons, Why you should Hire Apple Certified Professionals?

  1. Hiring someone who is apple certified, you can measure his/her exact skills and knowledge.
  2. Hiring certified professionals help you to stay updated with latest technologies in IT industry.
  3. Increase credibility of business via employees with proven skills and expertise needed for job to build business credibility to increase ROI.
  4. Employees with certification in specific filed are more likely to interest in that field and they remain motivated, productive and satisfied.
  5. Employees with sufficient knowledge reflect positive impact on you. It’s good change to make good 1st impression.