Amazon is a well-known American multinational technology company that offers their services in the field of cloud computing, e-commerce, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is considered one of the big four technological companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Google. As far as the Amazon Web Services (AWS) is concerned, it’s a subsidiary of Amazon. This company provides APIs and on-demand cloud computing services for enterprises and individuals. Amazon offers AWS certification that’s designed to validate the cloud expertise of professionals that’s mandatory to work on AWS products, technology, and platform. The AWS certifications fall into professional, specialty associate and foundational categories. Choose from diverse certification exams and certify your skills and accelerate your career in the field of AWS technology. It’s the best time either grown your career or business through the AWS certification.

Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

What is the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam?

Today, we talk about one of the career promising Amazon SCS-C01 exam or AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification. The AWS Certified Security – Specialty 2020 certification. The AWS certified security specialty exam is designed to validate an examinee’s ability to demonstrate the data classifications, AWS data protection mechanisms, different data encryption methods, AWs mechanisms to implement, secure internet protocols and AWS mechanism to implement? Working knowledge of AWS security services and features. Understanding of security operation and risk are also part of this exam. Let’s get some basic information about the AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam.

Exam Code Amazon SCS-C01 Exam
Exam Name AWS Certified Security – Specialty
Exam Format Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
Exam Certification Level Specialty
Delivery Method Testing Center
Time 170 Minutes to complete the exam
Exam Registration 300 USD
Language Available in English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

What are topics in the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam syllabus?

To get the success in Amazon SCS-C01 Exam with good marks, fist of all you have to understand the complete topic details and their percentage in the final exam. Without getting deep knowledge about AWS Certified Security – Specialty you can prepare well. Let’s get knowledge about each topic of the exam.

Incident Response  (12%) – In this topic Amazon SCS-C01 Exam, you will learn about the AWS abuse notice. How to evaluate the suspected compromised instance or exposed access keys? What is the incident response plan which includes relevant AWS services? How to evaluate the configuration of automated alerting? What is the role of possible to execute remediation of security-related incidents and emerging issues? Describe in detail.          

Logging and Monitoring (20%) – The second chapter deals with AWS Certified Security – Specialty 2020 exam provides detailed information about the logging and monitoring. How to design and implement security monitoring and alerting? How to deals with the troubleshoot security alerting and monitoring? What is the best design and implement a logging solution? Troubleshoot logging solutions.

Infrastructure Security (26%) – The 3rd topic of the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam provides information about the role of infrastructure security in the AWS services. How to design edge security on AWS, secure network infrastructure and troubleshoot a secure network infrastructure. What is host-based security and how to design and implement host-based security?                                                        

Identity and Access Management (20%) – In this section of the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam you will learn about the identification and access management. How to design and implement a scalable authorization? What is the role of authentication systems to access AWS resources? How to troubleshoot the authentication system to access AWS resources. Describe in detail.

Data Protection (22%) – This chapter deals with Amazon certified security exam provide the information and the designing and implementation of key management and use. How to troubleshoot key management? What is the role of data encryption solution for data at rest and data in transit? How to design and implement a data encryption solution? Describe in detail.

What job roles available after passing the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam?

If you are still confused about to enroll in AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam, then you must know the importance of the Amazon certified security exam in 2020. It is quite useful to pursue. Here are some jobs that will be available after passing the Amazon SCS-C01 exam.

  1. AWS Certified Security expert
  2. AWS Certified Security Advisor
  3. AWS Certified Security consultant
  4. AWS Certified Security Specialist
  5. AWS Certified Security Analyst

Amazon SCS-C01 Exam

How you can start Amazon SCS-C01 Exam Preparation?

Do you make a mind to certify your AWS security skills and accelerate your AWS Certified Security Expert Career? Are you looking to start your career as a certified AWS security expert in the local or multinational companies? If your answer is yes, then you have to pass the Amazon SCS-C01 Exam. To pass this challenging AWS security exam is not an easy task. You have to prepare well before to enroll in the final exam. For the best preparation, there are countless aws security specialty exam questions, online training courses, instructor-led training, aws certified security specialty book pdf, aws certified security – specialty study guide pdf and Premiumdump Amazon SCS-C01 Exam dumps are available in the markets that can ensure your success in the final Amazon SCS-C01 Exam. Best of luck in your AWS Security Services Career.