Every day, there’s no doubt that technology is indeed changing and evolving. This leads for many IT professionals pursue IT certification. Computer certification is now very common means of how a certain IT professional can validate his or her skills and abilities. On the other hand, even though if offers a lot of benefits and advantages there are also some disadvantages. Read on to know the pros and cons of computer certification .


  • When you are certified, it gives you the opportunity to be recognized in the industry, improved career opportunities and improved salary.
  • An individual who preferred to self-study is very possible. There’s no need to attend in some colleges or universities. The training for certification is not too costly and has a short duration.
  • Computer certification also permits a certain individual to focus on a specific topic or interest without the need to take non related subjects like in college.
  • The process of tech certification is skills and job oriented. This will give you the chance to know and understand more about how to perform a task or how to troubleshoot certain problem. This will allow you to make decisions based on the new information you have obtained from your training.
  • The best thing about IT certification is about being open to all ages and background. In case a person wants to shift careers or know new skills, everything is possible thorough certification. As long as you are willing to learn and acquire new skills, it is very feasible via IT certification.
  • The process of certification can be time consuming and costly. Even though most certifications could be earned through self-study and experience, there are some certifications that require costly tutor-based training.
  • As there are a lot of certifications available, there is no standardization board, controlling authority or accrediting agency that can authenticate the certification or training has value in the IT industry.
  • IT certifications are not acknowledged by most colleges, universities and education bureaus. Meaning, you cannot transfer the credit that you obtained from the certification for pursuing a degree. Although, there are also some colleges and universities that accept such certification and training but they are just very few.


Lastly, IT certification is a proof that you can excel in the IT industry. You just have to select the one you think can be very useful towards achieving your goals and dreams in life.