When you’re being interviewed by a roomful of HR personnel for your internship, what makes you believe they’ll choose you over other applicants? How do you expect them to know that you are the kind of intern that’ll be irreplaceable and respected by your employer? It all starts with your application and how you do it – here’s how.

1 : Know everything you can about your industry : so that you will appear knowledgeable. Read reports on Mashable, the Wall Street Journal, study prominent companies, major players, trends, thought leaders and so on within your industry.

2 : Be visible : create a website and upload your portfolio, best essays, resume on it.

You can also upload your take on industry trends in article format. Establish a positive, knowledgeable presence on industry forums and social media groups.

3 : Make an effort to know and understand new media : and how they’re used by various demographics, industries and mediums. Know which media is used more by your industry – Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter?

4 : Be tech savvy : if you are the kind that shies away from anything technical, remember your generation is expected to be tech savvy. Make an effort to learn about the kind of technologies used in your industry.

5 : Write thank you notes to all those : who helped you with your internship application – parents, guidance counselor, classmates, seniors and so on. You never know which one of these people will be responsible for you landing a good offer later.

6 : Learn to be pliable : all internships involve a certain amount of menial work – it won’t help if you don’t like to be helpful. Try and volunteer for small jobs around the house and at school and practice.

7 : Get some recommendations : find out whom you can approach – your favorite lecturers, senior alumni, your parent’s important friends and so on. Impress them with your attitude and ask nicely for what you want.

8 : Send your application as a PDF file : Your formatting may change in Microsoft Word based on which version your recipient is using. Make sure to use a nice template and go over the finished PDF thoroughly before submitting it.

9 : Make a list of everything : that your potential employer wants, and include all those items. Place the master checklist on top, with all the items ticked off. Be sure to present your documents in a neat dossier.

10 : Write a customized covering letter : First describe yourself and then why you’re applying. Indicate that you’ve studied the company. Present only relevant experience. Also don’t repeat info that’s already on your resume.

11 : Inform your references : that they may be contacted by your potential employer. Give them company background, the company website URL and info specific to your applied-for internship, to better assist them in answering.

12 : Adhere to submission deadlines : don’t wait till the last day to submit your application. Also don’t shoot it off on the very first day either, as your application might get lost.