About 3COM:

3COM is well known company due to its computer networking products including network switches, routers, wireless access points and controllers, IP voice systems, and intrusion prevention systems. This company was founded by Robert Metcalfe and Greg Shaw in 1979 and has its headquarters in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Since then this company is focusing on Computers, Communication and Compatibility products.

What is CIPTS Certification?

CIPTS is one of leading certification offered by 3COM and it’s challenging for those having low technical skills and experience. IT professionals with CIPTS Certification in hand have better job opportunities with reasonable salary because this certification has great value wherever 3COM products are used and you must be pleased after reading that 3COM products are used worldwide.

CIPTS Certification Syllabus:

Here are exams which you must pass in order to get CIPTS certification

  • 3M0-211: Certified Enterprise LAN Specialist
  • 3M0-212: 3Com Certified Enterprise LAN Specialist Final Exam v3.2
  • 3M0-600: 3Com Wireless Specialist Final Exam v2.0
  • 3M0-700: Certified IP Telephony Specialist v2.5
  • 3M0-300: 3Com Certified Security Specialist Final Exam v3.0
  • 3M0-701: 3Com Certified rIP Telephony NBX Expert Final Exam v3.0
  • 3M0-250: 3Com Certified Enterprise LAN Post-Sales Expert
  • 3M0-331: 3Com WAN Specialist Final Exam v2.0

Tip: In order to pass these exams, you may try self test engines, certification tutorials available online.

CIPTS Certification Industry Value:

As 3COM products are used worldwide, so 3COM certifications have great value across the globe. You can easily get job in any part of the world where these products are being used.

CIPTS Certified Salary:

As, you may see in previous post of this blog. Network administrator’s salaries are increasing day by day in US, UK and all other parts of world because IT products usage is increasing with the growth of internet. CIPTS certified salaries vary according to different parts of world.

3Com Focus Partner program:

To become 3Com partner you must enroll yourself in 3Com Focus Partner Program. After registration you will get user name and password for partner access. Then you may login to your partner’s page to start your experience getting benefits with 3Com products.

3COM Certifications Resources:

3Com University is offering blended-learning program with 400 products and solutions, virtual labs, courses, instructors along with different assessment tests to help our partners to fulfill their training needs. You may get online training courses for 3Com certification in terms of selftest engines, self test software’s and 3Com certifications tutorials for best practice.

CIPTS Certification Perquisites

There are no requirements for 3Com certification program needed to participate in final exam.

CIPTS Recertification/ Validation

Certification is valid for 2 years from the day you have passed it. After 2 years you may recertify it.

Tips to Pass CIPTS Certification Now:

While you are preparing yourself for CIPTS certification, you can use CIPTS simulators, practice exams, certification tutorials developed by experience and certified Exams Expert which will definitely help you to get success.

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